With internships from both Pacsun and Hardcouture, Michelle Huynh has been accuring new knowledge of the fashion and technology industry day by day. Born and raised in Southern California, Michelle spends her time constantly doing research on the latest trends in every industry including but not limited to: fashion design, technology, social media, culinary, interior design, architecture, music and even sports cars. There is constantly a need to learn something new - something to explore and with that knowledge comes application, something that Michelle utilizes to inspire her both in an artistic sense and in her own life. While her Bachelor's Degree is in Fashion Design (obtained from The Art Institute of California - Orange County), she works relentlessly stressing the importance of learning new things about every industry out there. Michelle considers her greatest accomplishments in life are the ones that brings joy to others. Every effort that she puts into her work goes beyond what is asked of her - she just wants to make sure that the recipient is happy. Thank you for tuning in to read this and if you have any questions, you can contact her here.

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